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Security - Back to basics

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

In an ever changing world and with technical advancements happening all the time, getting the most up to date security systems is high priority for most of us.

However before you invest in these high tech systems give your home a security back to basics check:

  • Make sure all doors are locks and up to standard

  • Even though windows are closed, make sure they are locked with a key and the keys are removed

  • Always lock your front door even if you are in your property and remove keys from the locks

  • Keep all car keys out of sight and away from all letter boxes

  • When you leave the house make it look like someone is home

  • Apply viewers to outside doors

If you have got security systems in place make sure you are using them to their full capabilities:

  • Security lights are working properly, PIR's are positioned correctly and the bulbs are working

  • Security Alarm has no faults, is in full working order, make sure you set the alarm when you leave the house and also when you go to sleep at night.

  • CCTV is saving correctly to the recorder and there are no obstructions to the view of the cameras

  • If you have Ring doorbell make sure the battery is charged and it is online

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